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History of Vatterott Properties

Started in 1959 to operate the properties built by the parent company, C.F. Vatterott, Vatterott Properties has been involved in handled the buying, leasing and managing of properties for the past 40 years. A commitment to ‘serve by example, work hard and deal fairly’ still stands just as the original founder, Charles Francis Vatterott, Jr. believed when he started C.F. Vatterott in 1919.  While Vatterott Properties has a rich history in the real estate industry, they continue to look to the future and build programs that benefit tenants.

Vatterott Properties provides property management services and leasing for both the commercial and residential properties.  Additionally, they provide maintenance for their own establishments as well as for outside brokers, consulting and brokerage services.  Vatterott Properties prides itself on having a large network of resources to better serve customer needs as well as the knowledge and skill to effectively manage different operations efficiently.

In the fall of  2005 Vatterott Properties began implementing new measures to improve the customer service for both our residential and commercial tenants.  Through the use of a new online maintenance request system and additional property management and maintenance staff, Vatterott Properties provides clients with a strong resource for all of their different needs.