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Maintenance at Vatterott Properties

Quality and timely maintenance are a top priority for Vatterott Properties and it’s maintenance staff.  Available 24 hours, the seasoned staff is capable of performing a wide range of jobs, from repairing the roof to changing a light bulb.   Vatterott Properties has the resources coordinate large projects, and the flexibility to fix even the minor ones.  By choosing Vatterott Properties for your building’s maintenance you also have the benefit of knowing the staff not only corrects every day problems, but conducts preventative maintenance to prevent issues from ever happening.

Vatterott Properties has developed an online maintenance request system which not only allows the tenant to place a maintenance request, but follows the work order through completion on a real-time basis.  This system along with follow-up from the customer service staff ensures that tenants receive the best service available.

Whether you are looking for a maintenance company to take care of your structure or you are a tenant needing replacement or additional lease space, you should look to Vatterott Properties and know you can rely on 40 years of history in real estate resources.