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History of Vatterott Properties

Vatterott Properties was born in 1959 to operate the properties built by its parent company, C.F. Vatterott. For the past 60 years, Vatterott Properties has been buying, leasing, selling and managing property in St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County. When Charles Francis Vatterott, Jr., the founder of CF. Vatterott, started the company in 1919, he believed in a commitment to 'serve by example, work hard and deal fairly'. This belief is still followed and practiced to this day in all companies baring the Vatterott name. With a rich history in the real estate industry, Vatterott Properties continues to look into the future fo new areas to expand and implement new strategies to benefit our property owners and tenants. 

Vatterott Properties provides property management services and leasing services for commercial and residential properties.  Additionally, we provide maintenance for our own establishments, outside brokers, consulting and brokerage services.  Vatterott Properties prides itself on having a broad network of resources which allows us better serve customer needs and provides the knowledge and skill to effectively and efficiently manage many different operations.

Vatterott Properties Client Services

Vatterott Properties has been managing properties for over 60 years during which our commitment to providing excellent customer service, quality financial statements and timely maintenance has never faltered. Having experience in all different property types has allowed Vatterott Properties to grow their portfolio more each year.   We currently manage over 35 residential communities consisting of more than 1,300 units, multiple office and retail centers.  Our management services include full accounting, maintenance, leasing, renewal and investor reporting.

Commercial Property Management 

  • Retail
  • Office
  • Industrial

Residential Property Management

  • Apartment complexes- Tax credits (LIHTC, Section 42 & Historic), Conventional, Section 8
  • Single Family Homeowner Associations
  • Condominiums

For more information about our property management services please fill out this application and email it to leasing@cfvatterott.com. 


When the time comes to find new office space, expand or relocate, look to Vatterott Properties to help you find a commercial property the best fits your company's needs. We manage properties all across the Greater St. Louis metro area and a supportive staff that helps you find the right space for you. 

Let Vatterott Properties help you plan for:

  • Building maintenance
  • Tenants and guest parking
  • Signage
  • Proximity to amenities
  • Net rent and additional rent per square foot
  • Tenant improvement allowances
  • Building infrastructure
  • Building Services (operating hours, emergency maintenance, etc.)
  • Renewal and expansion options

For more information on leasing space from Vatterott Properties please contact our office at 314-427-4000 or email gregvjr@cfvatterott.com.

Quality and timely maintenance are a top priority for Vatterott Properties and our maintenance staff. Available 24 hours, the seasoned staff is capable of performing a wide range of jobs, from repairing the rood to changing a light bulb. Vatterott Properties has the resources to coordinate large projects and the flexibility to even the minor ones. By choosing Vatterott Properties for your building's maintenance you also have the benefit of knowing the staff not only correct everyday problems, but conducts appropriate maintenance to prevent issues from ever happening. 

Vatterott Properties has developed an online maintenance request system which not only allows the tenant to place a maintenance request, but follows the work order through completion on a real-time basis. This system along with follow-up form the customer service stand ensures that penance receive the best service available. Whether you are looking for a maintenance company to take care of your structure or you are a tenant needing replacement to additional leasing space, you should look to Vatterott Properties and know you can reply on over 40 years of history in real estate resources. 

Because of their vast experience in real estate, Vatterott Properties has a large network in place to help clients looking for brokerage services, They assist in services such as tenant and owner representation, sales, acquisitions, investments and consulting on these matters. If you are interested in talking with a Vatterott Properties brokerage expert, please give us a call today at 314-427-4000.


  • Ken S. - Crown Square Apartments Property Mangager

    The Historic Crown Square Apartments is the place to live! Located in Old North St. Louis, Crown Square Apartments is not just a neighborhood, rather it is a community of residents bound together with the true spirit of St. Louis. Crown Square Apartments is the gateway to the west and beyond. A place where passions are harvested, dreams are launched and aspirations are attained. We are waiting for you to come and visit us (keep in mind there may be a line).

  • Lakesha D. - The Gotham & Annex Property Manager

    My residents at The Gotham & Annex always state how the office staff services their maintenance requests in an efficient and timely manner and that the maintenance gives outstanding service as well.

  • Carla T. - Etzel Place Apartments Resident

    I have been living at Etzel place apartments for over 10 years and I love how big and spacious the units are for how affordable the rent is.

  • Lillian H. - Fairview Village Resident

    Fairview Village

    My name is Lillian and I have been a resident at Fairview Village since 2011. Mr. Michael Carlisle is now our property manager and Mr. Michael is a caring, patient and understanding person. If there is a problem with something in your unit, with the building, issues on the property, Mr. Michael will handle the situation to the best of his ability. Mr. Michael keeps uninformed of things that are being done in the building and around the area. Mr. Michael is always pleasant and friendly, if something is going wrong that day he never shows a negative angry or upset attitude. He always smiles and shoes respect to all he comes in contact with. He is one of the best yet and I love living here!

  • Saundra A. - Phyllis Wheatley Resident

    Phyllis Wheatley Apartments

    From the day Diane arrived and her management began until now, she has been an exemplary manager. She is always there for you any time of the day and with the most professional and positive attitude. Diane will make even the smallest need a priority. Not only does Diane respect her tenants but also the safety and order of the apartment as well. She is constantly making our building safer and pleasant every day, week and month. She has created an atmosphere that allows us to feel like a community because of the people that Diane chooses interviews and rent to. I can say many of the other tenants feel the same way about Diane. The efforts, hard work and kindness Diane puts into the management role are apparent and appreciated each day. To say we are fortunate to have Diane as our manager would be an understatement. Her consistency and reliability are outstanding. Diane has resolved multiple issues from the carpet to the laundry room to securing the doors. The apartment is extremely well managed, it really helps tp Gabe consistent and effective management as building relationships with the apartment community has been important.

The Vatterott Properties Team Highlights

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